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Poster: elmagno Date: Sep 10, 2010 9:37am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: What a great idea? / Security Gap

Yes, that's a way to do it. Because I have 3 websites right now (2 more than I need!), I luckily have thousands of email addresses available.

But that's moving in the wrong direction, I think. Unless IA changes this basic flaw in the system, it is only a matter of time before these email addresses are harvested. Depending on who gets them, many people will find they have to get rid of a long held and cherished email address.

It is flat wrong to expose the email addresses of others. As much as I admire IA for it's many great contributions, I would like some action on this issue. Last year, when this was brought up on the forum, there was finally a reply from someone who seemed in authority here. But it was a non-responsive reply. He's Rupert Martin, and his non-responsive response is here:

As mentioned earlier in this thread, I have a movie related site going up right now. Wouldn't it be great if I had an email list of hard core film junkies like ourselves? Spam Heaven!

Not. I want this poor practice stopped. Guyzilla and Finnobrit both have offered simple solutions to this security gap, but nothing has ever happened.

Oh, well . . .

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Poster: billbarstad Date: Sep 10, 2010 12:16pm
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: What a great idea? / Security Gap

I remember discussing this last year, and I agreed then and I agree now that leaving our email addresses harvestable is a terrible practice.

Hope you do upload some new serials.